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Financial Aid & The Muhlenberg Fund

Videos by Anthony Dalton and Shira Gorelick '16

Financial Aid

Our goal today is 580 donors to financial aid, symbolically, one for every member of the first-year Class of 2017. Your gift to financial aid will give a deserving student access to the Muhlenberg experience. The College dedicated over $33 million to financial aid this year, and that figure is expected to grow in the future.

Videos by Anthony Dalton and Shira Gorelick '16

The Muhlenberg Fund

Our goal today is 330 donors to The Muhlenberg Fund, representing the 110 student organizations + 50 summer research students + 21 varsity sports + the 149 average students per month who perform community service. Whatever you love most about Muhlenberg- an athletic team, an academic department, a student club- all of it is possible because of The Muhlenberg Fund. Put simply, every student, every day, benefits from gifts to The Muhlenberg Fund.

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You Can Win A Prize If You:

  • 1. Are donor #1, #330, #580 or #910.

  • 2. Get 10 ’Berg friends to make a gift - Once you make your first gift, you will receive an email with a special link to share with your friends. When 10 of your friends click on your link and make a gift, you win a ‘Berg prize!

  • 3. Tweet or Instagram with #MuleMentum - Use the hashtag #MuleMentum on Twitter & Instagram for an extra chance to win a ‘Berg prize. Prizes range anywhere from t-shirts to glasses to any other Muhlenberg gear!

MuleMentum Leaders

Ian Tauber '89 P'16

Was the first donation!

Phil Weisgold '12

Was the 228th donation - quarter of the way to 910 donors!

It's a tie! - Alyssa Sheldon '09

Was the 330th donation(s)! We've hit another milestone.

It's a tie! - Edward Bonekemper III '64

Was the 330th donation(s)! We've hit another milestone.

Shannon Mott '96

Was the 455th donation - Halfway there!

Andrew Rhodes '11

Was the 580th donation! We've hit yet another milestone!

Lisa Alpert P'13

Was the 600th donation! Plenty of #MuleMentum still!

Joel Greenberg '73

Was the 683rd donation! Keep it coming!

Robert Corey P'17

Was the 700th donor!

Patrick Fligge '10

Got 10 others to donate and wins a 'Berg Prize!

Richard C. Crist Jr. '77, P'05, P'09 and Cindy Crist P'05, P'09

Was the 800th donor! Richard is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees!

Karen R. Green

Was the 810th donor! Only 100 more donors away from the goal! Let's Go!

Susan Eisenhauer '77

Susan has shared enough to win a 'Berg Prize!

Jeff Horrow

Was the 860th donor! 50 more and we will hit our goal!

David Ellowitch '98

Was the 900th donor! Only 10 More!

Kim Nguyen '07

Was the 910th donor! We have hit our donor goal! Hooray!

Sheryl LeBlanc Guss '81, P'10, P'13

Has hit the share goal!

Bret Kobler '94

Hit the share goal! Good work Mules!

Heather Lavin '08

Also hit the share goal! Woohoo!

Heather Adams '07

So many shares!

Gabrielle Henderson '14

Was the 1000th donor!

Morgan and Eileen Brady P'17

Were the 1112th donor! Congrats!

Samantha Unger '10

Shared and got 10 others to donate!

Alysea McDonald '10

Has won a prize according to the amount of shares converted!


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